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The CerealSleeve™

The CerealSleeve™

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🥛 Keeps milk cold twice as long

🕶️ Stylish design

💧 Prevents condensation

🏅 Premium material

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How it Works

The CerealCup

Always Crunchy 🥣

With the CerealCup™ your cereal stays crunchy until the end. The milk and cereal are poured into two separate cups and only meet when it's time to eat.

Sleep longer 💤

Start the day better. From now on you can sleep longer in the morning as you can enjoy your breakfast on the go with The CerealCup™.

Your Cereal 😋

From Smacks to Nougat Bits - with the CerealCup™ you can enjoy any cereal on the go.

Easy to clean 🧽

You can simply rinse The CerealCup™ with water and dry it - that's all you have to do.

Now you can take it on the go!

The CerealCup™ ensures that your cereal stays crunchy. Simply pour the cereal into the inner cup, the milk into the outer cup, screw on the lid and you're ready to go. Cereal and milk only mix when it's time to eat.

  • Step 1: Order 😋

    Ordering your new CerealCup™ is easy and risk-free. Choose one of our payment providers and order today.

  • Step 2: Delivery 📦

    As soon as you have ordered, we will pack your new CerealCup™ and send your parcel the very next day. The delivery time is usually around 3-4 working days from ordering (in the EU).

  • Step 3: Sleep longer😴

    With your new CerealCup™ you can sleep longer in the morning without having to miss out on a delicious breakfast.

Delicious breakfast without time pressure

Don't let yourself get stressed. You no longer need a spoon and bowl - enjoy your cereal anywhere with the CerealCup™. Whether on the couch, at your desk or on the go.


How does The CerealCup work?

The CerealCup consists of two separate cups. One for the cereal and one for the milk. Each cup has its own hole in the lid from which you can eat and drink. The cereal and milk only come together in the mouth, so soggy cereal is a thing of the past.

How much cereal does The CerealCup hold?

The CerealCup holds just under 2 portions of cereal (approx. 360 ml cereal). The outer cup can hold up to 350 ml of milk, so you can adjust the amount of milk according to your preference.

How do I control the flow of milk?

There is a small hole on the side of the lid. If you put your finger on it, no milk comes out. As soon as you lift your finger, milk comes out again.

Is the CerealCup dishwasher-safe?

No. The cup itself is absolutely shatterproof and has also been tested for safety by two independent laboratories. However, the lid can be damaged by heavy impacts, as food-grade plastic is used for the production, which is not as resistant as industrial plastic.

Is the CerealCup leak-proof?

As the CerealCup has two openings that cannot be permanently closed or sealed, it is not 100% leak-proof.